Remainders: Lucky Day Edition

Nokia and RIM deliver new crackberry delivery devices. [New Ratings, USAT via Lost Remote]

The Corsair tries to figure out the Limbaugh-Kagan merger. (Ewwww.) [The Corsair]

Keyes declares that "Christ would not vote for Barack Obama." On the other hand, he probably wouldn't vote for Keyes, either. [Chicago Tribune]

Sale of "A Girly-Man for Arnold" sign nets $152.50 for jailed protester's bail. The other 1,793? Not so lucky. [eBay]

Jenna's summer in Prague: "A shot of Jenna Bush pulling on a spliff would easily mean six-figures American. Thus did a Texas sorority girl become the Moby Dick of a tourist-choked ex-communist capital." [NY Press]


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