Remainders: Make Mine Double-Wide

Indiana congressman moves to rename I-69, as his button supporting its, uhm, extension prompts "teenagers [to] point and snicker." [Hoosier Gazette] Dude, it's waaaay too easy to believe that Red Staters are prudish hicks....

Vice presidents have always been the ones to carry the weight in the White House. [Modern Humorist]

Olbermann takes voter fraud conspiracies public, "flogging their sloppy Internet-spawned conspiracy Monday and Tueday nights." Hmmm. . . sloppy flogging. . . [Tribune-Review]

"White(water) Trash: If your Presidential Library is on cinder blocks, you might be a red neck." [low culture]

O'Reilly endorses Clinton for Sect'y of State. The falafel must have gone to his head. Ahem. [Fox News]


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