paul the duck goes to scotus.jpgSome pretty random items, to close out a pretty random day:

* While Donna Shalala has been living the high life in her Coral Gables mansion, eating fresh mangoes from her garden, janitors at the University of Miami have been trying to win a living wage. Tomorrow they're going on strike. [Miamity]

* Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT): President Bush's skull is made of "solid granite." [Talking Points Memo]

* Tucker Carlson's less-than-full disclosure: his father's on the advisory committee for Libby's Legal Defense Trust. (Oh, and those bowties are clip-ons.) [HuffPo]

* Hoping to catch a glimpse of Anna Nicole Smith, Paul the Duck went to the Supreme Court today (see photo sketch above). He's lucky that Justice Scalia didn't have his gun -- and that Dick Cheney wasn't in attendance. [Paul the Duck]sex video tammy tammy tammy nyp nyp nyp tammy tammy tammy sex video.JPGtammy nyp tammy nyp tammy nyp tammy nyp sex video sex video sex video.JPGnyp tammy nyp tammy nyp tammy nyp tammy sex video sex video sex video.JPGTammynyp tammynyp sex video download here.JPGbrrreeeport brrreeeport brrreeeport Brrreeeport Brrreeeport Brrreeeport.JPG


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