Remainders: Miered

"At an asian restaurant / in Iowa today, / John Kerry led the way from a lament / of the loss of last year’s autumn./ Shining a light, he told us not / to 'sit around / and cry in your teacup / and lament.'" [Poets for Kerry]

Do all yellow dog Democrats go to heaven? "In lieu of flowers, please send acerbic letters to Republicans." [Chicago Tribune]

The new "Future Washington" anthology of sci-fi inside the Beltway: "You know, I just wanted to say thanks -- I had self-identified as an ewok since I was five years old, but Lucasfilm just wouldn't license the surgery." [Boing Boing]

Brooks, Friedman, Dowd: "Times Selecting" themselves out of the conversation. [Daily Kos]

"to MIER: to put your own allies in the most untenable position possible based upon exceptionally bad decsion making." [The Corner]


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