Remainders: Mixed Messages Edition

Former WH press secretary Michael McCurry on why government VNRs are necessary: "The public out there doesn't have a clue what it is that people are doing with their tax dollars...because you all (the media) aren't covering that." Except for the fact that it's the news media that airs VNRs, great point! [USAT]

The new blogging? "Lamppost satire." [ DCist]

Wonk'd! An operative writes: "Saw DHS Sec. Chertoff at Oceanaire last night. Think he passed on the wine; got up to make a call before the entree came out. I'm worried—the head of Homeland Security is built like a ballerina."

Rich Lowry makes the case for Maxim magazine as elementary school teaching tool. "Boys have different reading interests than girls (and their largely women teachers): war stories, technical information, potty humor." (So without shit jokes, there'd be no National Review?) [National Review]


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