Remainders: No Longer Confusing Readers

The National Debate: 1, NYT: 0. "By adding the bold-faced disclaimer at the top of the faux Columnist Corrections Page, you are no longer confusing readers and as a result of this change, we agree that the page is now a parody which is protected under the First Amendment." [NYT]

Omarosa lives up to expectations. "Did you learn anything from the experience? From watching youself?" Omarosa: "Fuck off." (After we recall Mayor Williams, maybe she'll run. . . ) [Night in the Big City via Gawker]

WSJ's Tastings comes to D.C. to sample wines by the glass: Where to get the most for your wine dollar? Ruth's Chris (?!). Where to just order a beer? Shula's. [WSJ via Washington Oculus]

We heart linkwhores: Introducing the Wonkanator. Crude but effective. [The Politburo Diktat]

"Bluetooth Against Bush." Wouldn't it just be easier to hack into some electronic voting machines? [BAB]


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