What does it mean when Chris Matthews wonders "whether Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald would prove to be an Alexander Scourby or a Don Knotts?" Slate readers think they know.... [Slate]

The illustrated Maureen Dowd. [TMFTML]

Geeks seek to apply "alternative explanation" to "gym." "It's time to move past outdated physical fitness dogma. Can I do a chin-up? No. But I can do spelling-ups all day long." [INDC Journal]

BYU prof thinks that World Trade Center towers might have fallen due to "pre-positioned explosives." Also wears special magic underwear. [Deseret News]

"In the oddest footnote yet to The New York Times' post-Jayson Blair/Judith Miller credibility saga, editors at the Times Magazine recently scrapped a piece by author J.T. LeRoy over concerns he may not exist." Hate it when that happens. [WWD]


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