Remainders: On the One Hand, On the Other Hand Edition

The National Review invites you to come to a par-tay, with "cocktails, charades, door prizes, buffet, music, readings from Jonah's selected writings, Cosmo, surprise guests, [and a] narrated tree-house slide show." All for just $750. Not bad, except that you're supposed to pay them. [NRO]

Kerry waffles, AdWords wins: Google bomb blow-back? [Wired News]

And you thought "Rock the Vote" was lame: "Pray the Vote is simply to stimulate prayer for the fall elections." [Presidential Prayer Team]

Kerry's non-acceptance speech: "My friends, we're gathered here to begin a great journey. Well, not to begin it -- we don't want to give the Federal Elections Commission the wrong idea. Let's just say we're here to take a major step." [BG]

Kinsley reads Brooks, laughs until he stops: "The '16-foot refrigerators with the through-the-door goat cheese and guacamole delivery systems'? Ha ha. A large Home Depot salesman ''looking like an S.U.V. in human form''? Ha ha ha. S.U.V.'s 'so big they look like the Louisiana Superdome on wheels'? Enough already.'" [NYT]


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