Remainders: Partisan Edition

at least he tied his own bow tie "Would you like to learn more about the Friends of the New Criterion, or the Young Friends of The New Criterion?" Not if we have to dress like that. [Armavirumque]

To be decided by experts: "Who's Funnier -- The Left or the Right?" [Reuters]

Shorter Kausfiles: "Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry Edwards Kerry NY Times Kerry Kerry LeHane Kerry Kerry Kerry Kerry [But he was in Vietnam-ed. Well allright then!] Kerry Kerry NY Times." [TBogg]

Personally, we were laughing with Dennis, not at him: People "can’t resist savaging Kucinich whenever they get a chance. All because he’s funny-looking, and because he uses the word peace without kidding.'" [NYP]

Atrios reveals all! Er, some! "That's mostly because he has a 'public job' in 'education,' he says, vaguely. 'Anytime there's a headline -- ‘Teacher does X'. . . '" [Philadelphia Magazine]

"Commette! Myself! Very snarky." Parody is the most sincere form of link-whoring. [The Politburo Diktat]


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