Remainders: People Realize Stuff

Ed Helms visits spin alley, has Howard Beale moment: "It's like you all have some kind of agenda!" [Comedy Central]

Got stolen signs? Call 610-286-1975. [Philly Inquirer]

The Blue stater figleaf: "In New York I was given guidelines for what ACT volunteers can and can't say, in order to preserve the organization's appearance of nonpartisanship. I forget what they are, but they'll tell me again tomorrow." [Slate]

The WSJ will correct the darnedest things: "News Corp.'s Fox News was incorrectly described in a page-one article Monday as being sympathetic to the Bush cause." [WSJ via Gawker]

The White House correspondent from the Valley: "Are U.S. troops under any kind of higher alert because there's enough munitions for like 50 car bombs? Is there, like, any kind of alert going on for them?" [ via low culture]


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