Remainders: Pretty Much All Bad News

"Look For President Elect John Kerry to Cause a upset in the presidential election in 2004 With 23% or more of the popular vote then George Bush." Even more sure than Dick Cheney. [5 Star Psychic Advice via MeFi]

Campaign reporters for truth: "[T]he goose that Kerry shot was a mere gosling, wearing only a loincloth, fleeing the scene, and that Kerry chased it down and shot it in the back." [Slate]

We feel the same way about drinking: "She excitedly told Tina how anal sex became an addiction, comparing it to a full-time job." [Gawker]

"Support your favorite candidate by carving a political pumpkin!" [Fabulous Foods]

Preventing more violence in Iraq: "'In the future, we will try to be more careful when the soldiers leave their camps,' he added. 'We will provide them with protected cars that can escort them home.'" Whew. [NYT via low culture]


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