Remainders: PumpGate Should Have Been Ours, I Tell You Edition

George Tenet unfortunate screen capture: the captions. []

Swamp City is all over PumpGate: "The story is not about a man's penis pump -- it's about child abuse." [Swamp City]

We have seen the future and it is self-referential: "Next: Kevin Drum responds to Matt Yglesias responding to Amy Sullivan responding to Air America. Then, the entire world explodes." [Campaign Desk]

Channel 9's Andrea Roane forceably ejected from the WH breast cancer awareness event. She was not "hard credentialed." (Well. Should hope not.) [DCRTV]

Campaign 2004, The Love Story: "I still don’t know why people didn’t vote for Dean in the primary – he’s so charismatic and thick-necked. Then you, the cutest guy out of all the candidates, agreed to be my running mate . . . " [TMN]

News for those who don't necessarily like looking at Bush. [Fleshbot]


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