Remainders: Race Quickly Out of the Country Edition

An Iraq exit strategy from George Saunders: "At the moment of the death of the last person who wanted to kill us, race quickly out of the country before some additional person suddenly decides he/she wants to kill us." [Slate]

One Nader campaign coordinator knows where to find registered voters willing to put their names on a Nader petition: "Truck pulls. . . People think they're doing George Bush a favor if they sign these. I've had some of my best luck at truck pulls." [Time]

"Tom Clancy 'almost came to blows' with neocon hawk Richard Perle over Clancy's lack of support for the Iraq war. I've always respected Clancy as a guy who sticks up for what he believes in, but that's inexcusable behavior and I think Clancy has some explaining to do. . . Why 'almost'?" [Washington Monthly]

"In a recent Entertainment Weekly symposium on Christians in Hollywood (let's let those four incongruent terms settle in: Christians, Hollywood, Entertainment Weekly, symposium) the creator of the Christian Veggie Tales grouses that the evangelical community doesn't hold Gibson to the same standards of historical accuracy: 'I know what kind of letters we get when we portray a prophet like Daniel as a cucumber.'" [Weekly Standard]


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