Remainders: Secretly Evil Place Edition

Handicapping the race: "I’ve always suspected that Hawaii is like a secretly evil place. Hence, W." [TMN]

"America deserves a President who knows the difference between an airport and a football field." They also deserve one that knows the difference between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. Whatever. [Football Fans for Truth]

Taking bets on the October surprise. Choose among: "Osama bin Laden will be captured or killed, Weapons of Mass Destruction will be found in Iraq, the national terror threat level will be raised to red." Guess "someone will plant fake documents that embarrass and cripple the Kerry campaign" came early! [Poolitics]

The soft bigotry of low expectations, indeed: "'I'm not joking,' Dowd added. 'I think [Kerry]'s better than Cicero,' the ancient Roman orator." [WP via low culture]

Ryan Lizza's shocking discovery: "I'm beginning to think that sometimes Drudge can't be trusted." [TNR]


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