Remainders: Secrets and Lies

Overheard in Little Rock: Is "The Hunting of the President" up for an Oscar? [Arkansas Times]

Chris Matthews isn't going to the right parties, claims nostalgia for "the days when people used to drink." [Slate]

WH refuses to give out Gonzales's middle name. Josh Glenn wonders why: "Perhaps it's French: Ry? R? Robbe-Grillet? Or a left-leaning original coinage: RoeWade? Racialpreferences? Rightsfordetainees?" [BG]

Play America's Next Top Democrat. Nominees include Vilsack ("Fools most elementary students with the coin-behind-the-ear trick; Considered sexy by Iowa standards."), Hillary ("Can fake a pretty good smile under even the most humiliating of circumstances.") [American Idle]

Bush twins find their Smith Point clout doesn't transfer to Lower Eastside hipster hangout Freeman's: they "were promptly told by the hostess that there wouldn't be seating available for the next four years." Freeman's, however, is preparing for audit. . . [Gawker]


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