Remainders: Serving Our Stalinist Masters

On the one hand, today's indictment is just the tip of the iceberg, the process is just beginning, and the American electorate is "the largest "grand jury" of all." Does this mean we'll all have to spent the rest of the Bush administration at the E. Barrett Prettyman building? [Attytood]

On the other hand, today's indictment is a whole lot of meh, perjury's no big deal, and it's all going to go away. Apologies to Bill Clinton from the right wing TK. [Ankle Biting Pundits]

"Pat Fitzgerald had better be prepared to be portrayed as a jack-booted, cross-dressing, gay Torquemada willing to do anything to please his Stalinist masters." Well, there goes MY Halloween costume. [Digby]

As usual, Karen Feld nowhere near the pulse of America. [Washington Examiner]

Trent Lott's other "front porch." [Craigslist]


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