Remainders: Seventh Inning Stretch Edition

Because keeping track of Vidro's at-bats is too important to the nation's security to entrust to an aide, Bush totally up to speed on MLB action: "I'm watching carefully....I spend a fair amount of time [reading] the box scores on a daily basis." [WaPo]

In at least one operative's opinion, a middle-aged married cable pundit had the best companion: "So what I want to know (and I think you should want to know as well) is WHO was the little blond hottie-puh-tottie with NAME REDACTED last night? She couldn't have been more than 25, and she was SMOKIN!"

Other notable sitings: "James Carville on the Metro. Decked out in red hat and red jacket. Avoided eye contact with people. Very alien-looking man. Tony Kornheiser at RFK. Got to use the VIP entrance and avoided standing in line with the commoners. Looked very sunburned. Waved to a few people who shouted out his name. Bud Selig at RFK. Looked sad when people booed him."

Final score: Nats 5, Diamondbacks 3, Middle-aged married pundits 1. But the big winner was George W. Bush, whose graceful pre-game performance landed him a new gig. [American Idle]


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