Remainders: Slightly Smutty Edition

1. Ode to Interns: "You are the worst things/to happen to Washington/Since Panda-mania/(you are even more useless)" [Craigslist]

2. Pretty much the definition of TMI: "George Stephanopoulos -- Tiny, Hairy, Uncut" [Bulge Report via Fleshbot]

3. Hollywood celebrities support John Kerry! Hard to believe, yes, but we have the pictures to prove it. [Phototopia]

4. "Leaders of a Brooklyn-based primate news service have called on political activists and news media to cease from referring to U.S. President George W. Bush as a chimp or monkey." []

5. "Fuck for the Forest" sounds great on its own. But "Fuck for the Forest in Front of a Concert Crowd to a Band Called Cumshots"? Why didn't Stern think of this? [Nettavisen]


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