Remainders: Smashup Mashing Fuzzy Politics

Joseph Ellis smashes together second term metaphors with abandon: "Lame ducks that can't enforce discipline on their own party, chickens come home to roost, and you get in a bubble or a cocoon inside your own White House." [Face the Nation]

Wonkette family fave comic "Get Fuzzy" gets political. "I hereby call for the immediate release of Scooter Libby!" []

One of the most awesomest things about living in D.C. are the ads for fighter planes on the Metro. Because, you know, sometimes you think, "Well, if I had a couple billion...." Finally, someone explains why those ads exist. [WP]

WaPo wants its readers to "remix" it. Can we do something with the Style section? []

"I Can't Be The Only Person Who Is Reminded Of Spinal Tap" [INDC Journal]


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