Remainders: Sprucing up the Dump Edition

Once and for all, the Powerline menage is not gay. They just happen to be mad for beauty pageants. [Powerline]

Wonk'd! An inside source at the Washington Times shares: "Guess who's here today? I'll give you a hint: he's not wearing his crown, but he's got four tour buses of Moonies with him. Which explains why they've been sprucing this dump up for the past week." Umm, Rove?

Another operative fills us in on World Bank job opportunities: "Apparently this job was posted internally for 6 months, but no one would apply because Wolfowitz's girlfriend wants it. It's true too--I have a friend who applied for the job externally. She said she's probably got no shot (due to wolfowitz's g/f), and that everyone at the world bank is scared to death of pissing his girlfriend off."

Some patriots inquire about the Patriot Act. [The Unequivocal Notion]

If you think turning barbaric acts of terrorism into a marketing come-on is in bad taste, have the terrorists won? []



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