Remainders: Stuck in the Middle with You Edition

Deft Senate centrists craft a filisaving deal that disappoints everyone equally. The compromise: three out of the ten nominees in question are assured of getting up-or-down votes. Bill Frist, who had planned to say "up-or-down votes" at least seven hundred times on Tuesday, only gets to say it about 100 times tonight. [CNN, Crooks and Liars]

"From now on, only the editor or the managing editor, or other top editors they specifically appoint, will have the authority to sign off on the use of an anonymous source." Translation? The guy who empties Newsweek's trash cans can no longer sign off on the use of anonymous sources. Unless he's specifically appointed to do so, that is. Then it's cool. [Newsweek]

Big shake-up coming at Wonkette. Only doesn't get it quite right. It's not AMC who's leaving soon; it's temporary stand-in Greg Beato who will be departing at the end of the month. Replacing him as guest-editor? Let the rumors begin. []

The Dems' answer to Arnold in '06: When Warren Beatty farts, there are 31 cameras to record it! []


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