"Enemies of the legitimate Iraqi government" is the new black. [WP]

Did you hear the one about Harry Reid blabbing that Osama had been killed? Yeah, that's not really true either. [Hotline On Call]

Fox News celebrates official state religion: "While the political correctness has trapped some communities into taking the Christianity out of Christmas in order to accommodate the minority of Americans who don't celebrate the holiday, the White House continues to call its tree a Christmas Tree." [Fox News]

Talk about too little, too late: "Wingmen for Bush" -- but he's married now, right? [WingmenforBush.com]

What's up Anderson Cooper's butt? [TMFTML]

The case for the Iraq war is built on lies. Unfortunately, so is MoveOn.org's case for leaving. [Bad Example]

BoratGate continues: “I fully support my government’s decision to sue this Jew.” [Borat via Screenhead]


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