Remainders: Sure, When He's Cornered He Goes For the Sex Jokes

We keep getting emails about some change-up at CNN. Who is this Aaron Brown guy? [TV Week]

There's a "White House 'truth closet.'" Is Scott McClellan in it? [NPR]

Law and justice religious leader is way into profit: "Some of us truly believed God told us to serve Jay...But not to help him live like Louis XIV." [Legal Times]

A War on Terror vs. War on Bird Flu analogy: Cheney is to Halliburton as Rumsfeld is to Gilead Sciences. Go nuts, kids. [Fortune]

Jesus Christ what does it take to get fired from the Times? [NYO, HuffPo]

Bloggers staying away from WH briefings in droves. Why? Because we're laaazzzeeee. [E&P]

The closing of the Senate will be avenged: "In a real sense, you see, the U.S. Senate plays by hip-hop rules: Respect is all. Disrespect is the ultimate crime, and must be avenged swiftly and mercilessly." They don't call him Fristy-Cent for nothing. [TNR's The Plank]

You have no idea how badly we wish we were making this up: "Santorum: Well she called and the first thing she said to me was you know Suzanne Wright? I said sure and then she says, well I'd like to do a threesome." [C&L]


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