Remainders: Thankful For a Short Week

Shorter Rich Leiby: "Diarrhea and sporadic violence still preferable to covering White House Correspondents' Dinner." [Salon]

The Bushies wish John a happy retirement: "Thanks for your offers to baptize me me. L'Chaim, Ari Fleischer." [Sparkwood & 21]

Film Threat blames Michael Moore: "Michael, why not endorse a Republican in 2008, just to see what happens?" [Film Threat]

Jon Stewart, most trusted name in fake news. . . second most trusted in, uhm, news news. . . [NYDN via lost remote]

DCists asks: "Why Tina?" "Brown's status as a media "it" girl, however, endures, and boy does it baffle DCist." [DCist]


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