Remainders: That's Not an Ad Below, Read More Closely, OK?

1. We miss Chris Matthews, too: "[H]is puppy-dog charm, his tendency to sort of bounce in his chair with glee. . . He's like a crazy little schoolboy. . . If cable news is merely a circus, he is the dancing bear in Ring 3." [Antidisingenuousmentarianism]

2. Rankings we didn't know existed: "[C]ursing on the Senate floor is less offensive than getting a hummer in — or near — the Oval Office." [ABC News]

3. George W. Bush: Crypto-Gallic subversive? "When it was time for the president's comments, the director pushed the button and there was President Bush, on a severe clear blue day. He was wearing a red tie, white shirt, blue suit. He looked great. But he was speaking IN FRENCH!" [Fox News]

4. Shock horror: O'Reilly loses temper. [WP]

5. First Amendment: Making a comeback. "The 2004 survey found that just 30 percent of those surveyed agreed with the statement, ‘The First Amendment goes too far in the rights it guarantees.'" [First Amendment Center via Romenesko]


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