Remainders: The End of the Innocence Edition

How fucking American are you? [Liquid Generation]

Annenberg study finds "Daily Show" viewers to be more knowledgeable about election year issues than viewers of network news or newspaper readers, and tied with cable news watchers. And the Daily Show viewers took the quiz stoned. [Business Journal]

Alexandra Polier, now where have we heard that name before? Oh, right. She's a journalist. [Newsweek via The Hotline]

"There is a HOT iranian boy running around Dupont circle in one of my college t-shirts! I WANT IT BACK, PLEASE HELP ME GET IT BACK!" [Craigslist via DCist]

People are already making comments about the cover of this weekend's NYT magazine. Something about "whoring" and "lack of dignity" and "selling out." Personally, we have more respect for Johnny Apple than that. [Gawker]


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