Remainders: The Politics of Truth

We'll be back shortly to liveblog the Cheney interview on Fox.

* Dick Cheney comes clean: "I'm the guy who pulled the trigger and shot my friend, and that's something I'll never forget." [Fox News]

* We've never seen such emotional honesty from Dick Cheney. [The Velvet Blog]

* "The Lies Behind the Truth: Liberal Media Not Reporting on Parts of Whittington That Didn't Get Shot" [Bad Reporter]

* Was a reference to alcohol consumption scrubbed from an MSNBC story about the Cheney hunting accident? [firedoglake]

* An honest politician has been found! Maryland comptroller William Donald Schaefer, after ogling a female staffer: "The day I don't look at pretty girls, I die." [WP]

* Meanwhile, the Democrats get disingenuous. [counterpunch]

* Let's be frank: it was only a matter of time before someone did this. [Harry Whittington's Blog]


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