Remainders: The Vexillologists Are Restless Edition

Coming this summer: Howard Stern vs. The Bleepinator. [Broadcast and Cable]

John Kerry: "Schroedinger's Candidate. He's an undefined state. You don't know where he stands until you put him in office." [Quibbles and Bits]

Great moments in oratory: "They better put our uteruses in a lockbox and keep their hands off them!" [MRC]

We "told Saddam Hussein that we didn't think it was particularly funny that he had us looking for [WMDs in] 'Monkey Valley' and the 'Camel Ass Testing Facility' when, it turned out, there were no such locations." [McSweeney's via Swamp City]

Iraqi flag reviews: "'This is not a good flag'. . . a 'crest on a bed sheet' design." [Globe and Mail via Hit and Run]


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