Remainders: These Have Been Sitting Around Awhile Edition

Searching for Jenna: "Apparently she is hiding in sorority camouflage, that is to say, dyed blonde hair, glowing teeth, and hot pants." And at Fashion Week: "this town is getting dreary enough with Disney and Starbucks ruining it forever." [ and Gawker]

The 1000 fighting styles of Rumsfeld, including White Axe Hand!, Drunken Temple Boxing! and Grimace Palm! [POE News]

"A reader wrote in to ask me to recommend conservative wet-naps." Pandagon does The Corner. []

Bush: Man or monkey? [Bush Unmasked]

Buy flowers for a random just-married gay couple. (Insert pansies joke here.) [Flowers for Al and Don]

Another idiot bought that John Kerry garage band record. [eBay]

Blogs: Apparently some kind of political phenomenon []

A moment of silence for the most likable member of the Bush administration: Spot passes on. []


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