Remainders: This Should Get Some Mail Edition

  1. Martin Van Buren, blogger, feels that we have not learned the lessons of history: "[O]stensibly I refused the entrance of Texas to preserve the balance of free and slave states, [but] I really did it because I realized that most Texans were complete handjobs." [The Wit & Wisdom of Martin VanBuren]

  2. "It seems that in the Talmud, 'Kerry,' spelled kuf-resh-yod in Hebrew characters, is a word for an unwanted seminal emission." Sure. Act surprised if you want. [Campaign Confidential]

  3. George W. Bush: More popular than Jesus? More popular with Jesus? [Media Matters]

  4. Can you cure Norah O'Donnell's brown thumb? "My wife and I are very busy and frequently don't have time to do some of the basics around our townhouse." [Craigslist]

  5. Scientists agree: Fetuses support Kerry! []

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