Remainders: This vs. That vs. Screwing in a Light Bulb

"If the alternative to playing 'Halo 2' is reading 'The Portrait of a Lady,' then of course 'The Portrait of a Lady is better for you." We're really more "Law and Order" vs. "CSI" types. [LAT]

"Q: How many telemarketers does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Wouldn't a more relevant question be 'How many pounds of cocaine has Bush snorted?'" MoveOn-dot-something's sense of humor. [McSweeney's]

We're proud to live in a country where "Benton M. Wilmoth, IV" is the lowest-paid staffer in the White House. Of course, he's only 12. [National Journal]

Handsome Iraq war veteran running for Congress. As a Democrat. ("Hackett 2016"?) [NYT]


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