Remainders: Those Margaritas Were Really Strong I Can't Be Held Responsible Edition

Newt Gingrich's career as an Amazon reviewer: He likes a lot of crap. [Weekly Standard]

Fox News, exacting petty revenge on print reporters for negative coverage? We're shocked. [DCRTV more at News Blues (sub. req.)]

Tucker Carlson, diplomat: "There are haters and morons on both sides, as you know. (In the case of Fox viewers, my impression was that most of them were drunk. No surprise there.)" [WP]

Yglesias proposes a temporary regulatory solution to the hot guy deficit; a commenter counters with "the Equal Dating Opportunity Commission (or EDOC). First Chairman: perhaps Naomi Wolf?" []

Too hot for CBS! Rather reveals Clinton gym dimensions! "Yes. . . It's not large, but it's quite complete. . . I counted at least 13 barbells." [Gawker]


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