Remainders: Thug Life Edition

George Galloway calls Christopher Hitchens a "drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay." Hitchens calls Galloway a "real thug." Perhaps to seal the imminent deal with Shady Records, Galloway is now back in England, spraying verbal hollow tips about how he punked out Capitol Hill: "We blew them away...I did a bit of sanction busting. I smoked a Havana cigar just like this one. I smoked it inside the Capitol building, I even blew the smoke at the White House." Word! [Guardian, Reuters]

Newsweek apology has almost as much impact on rioting Muslims as it does on bloggers. [David Feldman]

Rush Limbaugh ducking debate challenge from high-school students? [Chicago Sun-Times]

Hey, Newsweek, are you listening? Michelle Malkin explains how the pros do it: When you're blessed with "reasonable inferences," there's no need to interview sources. [Michelle Malkin]


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