* Immigration as the new abortion? Interesting. Don't know if we'd describe Emma Lazarus as a "hotty," though; she's no Fran Townsend. [got detroit?]

* Howard Kaloogian, the conservative Republican running for Duke Cunningham's former seat, tries to pass off a photo of Istanbul as one of Iraq. [Attytood]

* Sen. John Cornyn makes fun of the security "agenda" of the Democrats, who support such controversial goals as capturing Osama bin Laden and eliminating al Qaeda. Thanks, guys. [NRO]

* Henry the Intern reviews Michael Eisner's new talk show. Eisner and Martha Stewart may be filthy rich business moguls, but they love good Hillary gossip just as much as the rest of us. [Defamer]

* Speaking of Hillary... Ben Smith, who has written more Hillary articles than she has hairstyles, is moving from the New York Observer to the Daily News. [The Politicker via Gawker]


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