Remainders: Too Much Blogging Makes the Baby Go Blind

"Number of days until Markos 'Screw Them' Moulitsas Zuniga unveils his top secret plan to destroy the Democratic Leadership Council: 12." (Yes, we're ashamed to find this hilarious.) [LGF]

College Republicans sing Nazi war songs. Like you're surprised. [Truth Caucus]

"EU ban sparks bra fears." On the part of . . . ? [The Sun]

"She's a single, unmarried woman over 50 years old. That means the press will be able to successfully portray her as either a lesbian, a weirdo, or a lesbian weirdo. Americans will not vote for a lesbian President and they're not too fond of weirdos either." We'll let you guess who "she" is. (Hint: NOT Hillary.) [RWN]

This whole podcast thing has gotten out of hand. [Crawford's List]


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