Remainders: Unclean, unclean!

· Author Jeffrey Frank's Washington: Always carry baby wipes. "You go to a dinner with Washington people and you always leave feeling somewhat unclean." [Media Bistro]

· Bill Powers surveys the media landscape of the past week and comes up with. . . "wintry mix." [National Journal]

· Al Franken: Hero or menace? Says security guard: "He was screaming. He was out of control," referring to the LaRouchie, natch. [Union Leader]

· Predictions about a Bonesman v. Bonesman presidential race: "Tom Brokaw will ask Kerry at the debate whether he can maintain the "Bones Code of Silence" and still run as a Middle Class populist." [The Corsair]

· Wonkette: "I push a platform of funny." [WAMU]


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