Remainders: Very Bloggy Today

Nader sings on Sesame Street. (Remember: Just because he's ridiculous doesn't mean you shouldn't take him seriously.) [Blogumentary]

A new verb! "To bruschetta": To pontificate confidently on one's blog on a topic that one simply doesn't know anything about. See also: "To blog" []

Boi From Troy has a public service announcement: "Let's get this straight: To say that suggesting someone is gay-seeming is homophobic is in itself homophobic." [Boi From Troy]

What could possibly be more fun than a gathering of twenty-something D.C. bloggers? Don't answer that. [Julian's Lounge]

Photos of Sam Walls, the other cross-dressing Republican. [DrudgeRetort]

Dr. Laura's son, Hillsdale College's ambassador to Middle Eastern culture, is opening a hookah bar. [Swamp CIty]


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