Remainders: Watch What You Say Edition

Henry Waxman (D - CA) wonders "whether the Bush Administration has crossed the line from education to propaganda" with its Social Security PR efforts. (If it has, it may be the least effective propaganda campaign ever). [WaPo]

Patriotic advocacy group says wounded gay soldier still more gay than heroic. [AP]

Fearing U.S. House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner's quest to make swearing punishable by prison, Howard Stern begs Viacom to fire him. [FMQB]

The accuracrats over at Media Matters are making a big fuss over all the conservative pundits who swore the Magical Mystery Memo was drafted by a Democrat. But were Rush and Bill Bennett and all the others really so wrong? After all, Mel Martinez went from GOP point man on the Schiavo intervention to "freshman Republican Senator" pretty seamlessly. By sunrise, we're thinking he might be demoted to "Democrat." [Media Matters]


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