Remainders: We'd Like to Be Played By Jean Teasdale Edition

CNN's Veepstakes: "Picking a running mate is a process of elimination. . . Regional rivals square off, then the champions from various parts of the country meet in final rounds. Sounds an awful lot like the NCAA basketball tournament, right?" Except it's easier to fix. [CNN]

Casting National Review: The Movie. There's no plot specified, but we think a remake of Powertool is in order. [Gphiles]

Senator Franken? He really is stalking us. [AP/USA Today]

No joke needed: "'Ahmed Chalabi is a treacherous, spineless turncoat,'" says L. Marc Zell, a former law partner of Douglas Feith, now the undersecretary of defense for policy, and a former friend and supporter of Chalabi and his aspirations to lead Iraq.'" [Salon]

And surely you've seen this by now.


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