• Katherine Harris pens blog post, incites flurry of pandering to Florida's Cuban voters. [The Hill Blog]

  • Ousted from Connecticut, Juan Liebermantienez to lead coup in Cuba. [The Satirical Political Report]

  • Vanity Fair releases military tapes from 9/11, titles article as if it were a classic rock box set. [Vanity Fair]

  • The Republican party of Oregon, apparently more racist than in other states. [Oregon Live]

  • Expect one less mysterious "tax" on your phone bill as Congress closes books on Spanish American War. [News.com]

  • Christians pray for stability in Iraq, so they can hurry up and start proselytizing. [The Carpetbagger Report]

  • Relive all the hot Texan backrub action at the G-8 with this new video game -- fastest finger wins! [Addicting Games]

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