* Have you heard about Microsoft's new strategy? "Microsoft Corp. has a strategy to win over a whole new generation of consumers and his name is Fergie Fudgehog." The flaw in this strategy is sort of hard to divine, unless you...say, READ THAT SENTENCE OUT LOUD. [Washington Post]

* Will the South Dakota abortion ban exempt women impregnated by aliens? Nobody knows, but the prospect allows for some awesome sci-fi synergy for Bill Napoli's sociopathic rape fantasies. And that's your official Wonkette "Bill Napoli is one sick fuck" Reminder for Wednesday, March 15! [The Bad Reporter@SFGate]

* Condoleezza Rice gets in some practice reps. [Perez Hilton]

* Even Chris Matthews' conflicts-of-interests are lame. [Attytood]

* Jeez. Everyone over in the Brokeback Mountain camp needs to calm down. They give out awards to stuff far junkier and shaft films that are much better. Forest Gump? Marisa Tomei? Besides, everyone KNOWS that the real Best Picture wins Best Screenplay. [The Greensborian]


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