Remainders: Yet More Remainders Edition

Is George W. Bush going to kill roots rock? [Reference Tone]

Wonk'd! An operative reports on an impromptu senatorial investigation that took place at the National Airport on Friday: "My wife was called out for the extra-special-double-secret-probation security pat-down. And right behind her? That feared, clear and present danger to the skies--Senator Joe Lieberman. He was getting the full security pat-down and taking it all in good spirits. He had a grin on his face the whole time as Hadassa (who looked fab) watched, pointed and giggled along with him."

Former Abu Ghraib torture general Janis Karpinski says it's still happening: "Through email or through a message left on my telephone, that you need to know that it's still happening." [Karpinski Media Blackout Continues]

Scary old men physically attack college cheerleader for being too sexy. (Click on video clip labeled "SJ Dance Team Suspended After 'Sexy' Routine") [KGO 7 News]


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