Remainders: You Have Options Edition

1. Saddam's real weapons of mass destruction: Rock, paper, scissors. [Rock, Paper, Saddam]

2. Bush Twins v. Kerry Girls: Who's hotter? "The Kerry girls have better hair, but who'd vote for someone based on hair goodness? Oh, wait . . ." [The American Mind, Wizbang]

3. RELATED: It's not too late to vote for Superhotties of the Federal Judiciary! But is the contest rigged? "I fear you may have become a bit too enamored with a certain sprightly, near-elven Italian Second Circuit judge." Shock horror! [UTR]

4. W Ketchup: "I know I prefer American-flavored ketchup to its various alternatives." [Low Culture]

5. Labash does Radio City: "Streep wondered what bomb, during shock-and-awe night, 'Jesus, our president's personal Savior, would have personally dropped on the sleeping families of Baghdad. (Just a guess, but He'd probably have gone with the AGM Hellfire missile. It has precision laser-seekers and a global-positioning system, plus, the name's kind of cool.)" [Weekly Standard]


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