"Americans for Better Justice" oppose Harriet Miers. Americans for the best justice just sort of depressed. [AFBJ]

Judy and the Times: No more martinis and massages. [HuffPo]

Some companies are so horrible about employees who leak about ... really trivial shit. [Gawker, FishbowlNY]

TIME's New York office throws a party for new DC bureau chief Jay Carney. Because the DC office doesn't need a morale boost or anything. Good luck, TIME NYC! Let us know if you need our notes or anything! [Gawker]

Chris Matthews is my homie. Also: He luvs the "zesty" Fox! (Me too, Chrissy-wissy!) [Philly.com]

Is Al Franken no longer funny? We're concerned. Shit, he might be completely insane. [Michelle Malkin]

Also: Indictment Bingo! While you still can! [Wonkette]


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