Remember That Picture of You and Obama? Send It To the Washington Post!


If you're like us, your office is literally filled to the ceiling with photographs of you and Barack Obama -- sailing vacations, neighborhood barbecues, Sunday afternoons watching the game, you and Barry on a roller coaster making crazy faces, etc. Important local Politico competitor the Washington Post would like to have this free editorial content for its new weblog, "Right Now." Surely you've got a picture of you and 'bams somewhere on the computer!

Beggeth the WaPo:

Have you met the president? Send us your photos.

You can also send photos via MMS to

Haha, or you can just send them to tips@wonkette once the dumb Post totally ignores your hard artistic labors. We will convene a panel of art judges (Lauri Apple and her little invisible friend "Prince") to pick the wieners! (The prize is "being picked.")

The photograph seen here was actually taken at Wonkette's 2009 Inaugural Ball, and it is by all accounts a real photograph! But your picture could be whatever, a Blingee or Microsoft Paint or you masturbating with a Barack Obama Action Figure, anything is okay as long as it's Free Content for [Washington Post]


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