Remember, the CIA Only Did Bad Things a Long Time Ago!

Some intelligence experts suggested on Tuesday that the release of the documents was intended to distract from the current controversies.
Wow, you think? Sure, the CIA is involved in a few "controversies," but certainly noting serious such as:

* Using a fake corporate fleet of private jets to shuttle people to torture prisons in places without laws, such as Poland or Malta.

* That massive domestic electronic spying machinery installed on every major U.S. Internet hub in the United States, a hugely illegal operation put into place by the CIA's current chief and ex-NSA director.

* Because there's no apparent way to sue the CIA, the ACLU is currently suing a Boeing subsidiary for providing flight services for more than 70 CIA torture flights.

* In Italy this month, the criminal trial of twenty-six CIA agents began.

* Meanwhile in Germany this week, Interpol arrest warrants were issued for another nine CIA agents -- including sinister characters like "Uncle Bud," the former Green Beret accused of kidnapping someone in Macedonia and shooting them up with dope on a flight to Afghanistan.

* Oh, and this month a half-dozen human rights groups revealed that the agency "disappeared" 39 people from various countries for torture interrogations,including children.

Files on Illegal Spying Show C.I.A. Skeletons From Cold War [NYT]


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