Remembering Our Fallen Week: Notes From the Culture of Death


  • According to Mormonism, when Glenn Beck dies and goes to Joseph Smith’s polygamous compound in the sky, he will become a god and some poor baby universe will have to deal with GL-NN as their personal Yahweh.
  • T-Palin got very upset at Joe Miller for not endorsing his wife and personal cash-bag Sarah Palin.
  • Sarah Palin, incidentally, would slurp dozens of fetuses down her gullet if there were a lucrative market for fetal-slurping.
  • Reindeer porn is the hottest form of bestiality on the net right now, so can we really be that upset a potential congress lady likes to suckle on the tender, red nose of a hot buck?
  • 42 million welfare queens are currently sucking on Obama’s money-teatt so they can do wasteful things like “eating.”
  • Even then, those worthless queens are too busy trying to feed themselves to care about important things like Christine O’Donnell’s witchcraft.
  • It turns out that Lou Dobbs kept a whole stable full of illegal Mexicans to tidy up his personal pleasure horses.

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