REMINDER: Doctors Examining Trump's Shithole Today At Walter Reed

looks healthy to us

SAVE THE DATE, AMERICA, AND THAT DATE IS TODAY! We'll have all your very important ShitHoleGate news this morning too, do not worry, but we wanted to remind you Donald Trump is having to give up some very important ZZZZZZZ Executive Time today, so that a doctor at Walter Reed may examine his meat folds and his shithole and find out if his cheeseburger-filled body is still capable of presidenting, or if it's past its sell-by date. That's right, he's having a physical! And it better go well, because Trump, who is not at all insane, says the stock market will crash if the doctor's report says his body is disgusting.

We don't know why this is necessary, since Trump obviously has the most perfect body of all the bodies, as his "doctor" kept telling us during the campaign. Trump is the healthiest person ever to hold the Oval Office! Good thing we didn't elect Hillary Clinton, because as we alsolearned during the campaign, Hillary is liable to stub her toe and die at any time.

GQ has a list of questions Americans would like answers to about Trump's health, like for instance why does Trump's doctor always reassure people that Trump's up to date on his latest HIV tests? Does he bareback a lot with people what aren't his wife, and just wants us all to know everything's good with that?

Another question: Is the president fat?

Saved ya some time, Walter Reed!

The doctor, White House physician Ronny Jackson, will also check all the normal stuff like "does Trump have a heart" and "is his blood warm," and also they will make him pee in a cup. (BETTER HOPE AIN'T NO RUSSIAN CAMERAS IN THE PEE PEE ROOM, DONALD!) And, since a 71-year-old man definitely needs to get his prostate checked, poor Dr. Jackson will likely have to fool around in and around the president's very bad shithole.

They are unfortunately not examining his brain, because Trump says he has a very good brain and if Trump says he has a very good brain that means it's not necessary for the doctor to interview his brain, much like how if Trump says NO COLLUSION, then there's no reason for Robert Mueller to interview him. It's a shame since, ever since Michael Wolff's very mean book came out, the White House has been taking every opportunity to prove the president is not mentally ill and does not have dementia.

We all know how thoseoutingshavegone.

So we may NEVER KNOW whether the president's brain is functioning correctly. LOL just kidding, we just checked Trump's Twitter and we're pretty sure dude's lost his fuckin' marbles.

Have fun getting your shithole checked, Donald!

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