Reminder: Rights Of Muslim Citizens Still Routinely Trampled In United States


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It seems like only yesterday that we could hardly believe some of the awful things people were doing to Muslims in the United States 2,000+ years after JC met his bio dad. But lately the big news has been "Gays win" and "Pot smokers win" and "Blacks still get murdered a lot" and "Mass shootings" and "IRS Ben Gozzi Obamacare!" That one is kinda Muslim, but we are talking about the quotidian traumas of being viewed as enemies by your own neighbors and government. These stories have lately been absent from the National Conversation, but have they been absent from real life?


The FBI this week will ask a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit alleging its agents had Portland resident Yonas Fikre kidnapped and tortured for months in the United Arab Emirates, then refused to let him re-enter the United States […] In a May 2013 lawsuit, filed in U.S District Court in Portland, Fikre alleges he was abducted, tortured and interrogated about activities at a Portland mosque.

You know, maybe Fikre is the worst guy in the world, with many nefarious plans. And maybe none of what he alleges actually happened. But the FBI's arguments for dismissing Fikre's case are, for lack of a better smug allusion, Kafkaesque. They don't deny they brought him in for questioning when he was working abroad in Sudan, but:

Denial of boarding on an airplane is not a denial of entry into the United States,” the FBI's motion reads.

The FBI argues that Fikre doesn’t provide enough detail to claim it was the FBI that oversaw his torture. The motion to dismiss says that Fikre hasn't explained how the FBI enlisted UAE secret police to kidnap and torture him, nor can Fikre specifically identify those who abused him.

Emphasis in original. So basically the FBI is like "Maybe the guy was tortured, but who's to say it was us? Him? Some torture guy? Come on."

Fikre, who is not accused of any crime, is currently enjoying a relaxing asylum in Sweden.

In other sucks for Muslims news, something that also sucks for Tennessee taxpayers! Remember the Murfeesboro mosque "controversy," which happened when a bunch of jerks didn't want a mosque in their town, because Muslims did 9/11? The mosque got built anyway, but the aggrieved losers who opposed it are still suing, as is their right as American Patriots. All this legal rasslin has cost Rutherford County roughly a third of a million bucks and counting! But is it theoretically possible that the plaintiffs can force the county to spend so much money that the flow of time is reversed, and someone from the present can go back and tell James Madison to put "except Muslims" in the First Amendment? No.

Finally, new Daily Caller wannabe "" has found the smoking gun that links Obama to Fascist Muslim Sharia, Common Core, and the ongoing plot to persecute America's Christian majority: The Department of Justice will go to bat for a school janitor in Philadelphia whose big Muslim beard has been denied a religious exception from the school's grooming standards. Obviously it is a gross hypocrisy that Eric Holder would defend this man's right to have a beard while forcing birth control down the throats of people who want birth control and who also happen to work at a business owned by people who think that their weird God -- who probably does not even exist -- is bizarrely particular about that sort of thing.

Now, it may seem logically inconsistent to be against the Muslim guy's religious rights, but for Hobby Lobby's. But it's not, you see, because Muslims.

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