Rendered Quaint

  • It looks like Zimbabwe is headed for presidential run-off -- a less desirable option than the outright ouster of ancient thug Robert Mugabe, but more desirable than Mugabe already declaring he's won it, again. [New York Times]
  • To help things along, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has already declared victory. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Two major banks expect a big infusion of capital, prompting hopes that the credit crisis is over. [Wall Street Journal]
  • In other seemingly positive financial news, a bipartisan bill to stave off mortgage foreclosures has passed the Senate. [Los Angeles Times]
  • A newly released Justice Department memo from 2003 picks up where John Yoo's 2002 memo left off. It's basically the old "it's not illegal and it's not torture if it's for the good of the country" argument. [Washington Post]
  • Just like Jesus, the Florida and Michigan delegates to the Democratic National Convention may find themselves sleeping in barns because local hotels are booked. [The Hill]

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